ICT Workout and Flash

From October 2017, Google Chrome will be stopping access to Adobe Flash based content by default.

If you are a new user to ICT Workout or haven't visited in a while, you may be prompted to enable Flash. (If you use ICT Workout regularly, Flash content should continue to work normally.)

If you are experiencing issues when accessing ICT Workout using Google Chrome, you may need to update your browser settings. Please follow our guide below.

How to enable Adobe Flash in Google Chrome

  1. In the address bar, type chrome://settings/content
  2. At the bottom click Show advanced settings
  3. In the 'Privacy' section click Content Settings
  4. Scroll down to the 'Flash' section and then either select Allow sites to run Flash to allow Flash for all websites or click Manage exceptions to just allow ICT Workout
  5. The following 2 steps are only needed if you are only allowing ICT Workout to run Flash. Under the 'Hostname pattern' enter http://www.ictworkout.co.uk
  6. Under 'Behaviour' select Allow

ICT Workout and HTML5

We are currently working on converting ICT Workout to HTML5 so it no longer requires Adobe Flash to run, this will then allow users to use ICT Workout natively on all devices (e.g. Desktop/Laptop/Chromebook/Tablet/Phone) without the need for plugins or third party apps.

Due to the volume and complexity of ICT Workout we will be releasing the converted content in stages. We will be keeping the Flash content running alongside the new HTML5 version to give users the choice of which platform they wish to use.