What is ICT Workout?

ICT Workout is a set of online ICT exercises aimed at ICT GCSE, Scottish National 2.

  • • Great for starters, main lessons and plenaries
  • • Ideal for whole class, group and individual study
  • • Perfect for revision and consolidation

ICT Workout consists of...

Exercises - Over 600 Interactive Tasks
Featuring drag & drops, quizzes, mind maps, text exercises, animations,
wordsearches and other enrichment activities.

Presentations - Over 750 Slides
Students learn about the key concepts in each topic.

To view samples of ICT Workout click here.

You can see a full list of the content covered on the topics page.

Fantastic Value

From £70 per year for the whole school, it is such great value that you can subscribe with confidence.

100% Future Proof

When you subscribe to ICT Workout you are safe in the knowledge that it is continuously updated to keep pace with the ever changing nature of ICT.

Reduces Preparation Time

ICT Workout supports your teaching by saving preparation time, reducing your workload, and leaving you more time to teach. All the content you need is there for class introductions and discussions, and there are plenty of exercises to keep the students busy. If students finish early there are always more tasks for them to do. The tasks are small and achievable so students don't get bored.

Annual Subscription Offer

These prices are for the whole school
Length (Years) PRU and Special Schools Secondary Schools
under 800 students over 800 students
1 £70 £85 £100
3 £175 £210 £250
5 £280 £340 £400

What users are saying...

  • “The name is pretty apt, it really gives the students a good workout.” – Theresa Fletcher

  • “I have just received the username and password for the school for ICT workout and I have already used it in 2 classes, and have ideas of how to use it in many many more! It is brilliant for starters and plenaries to use together with an interactive whiteboard, as a revision resource or indeed to use the presenations for a whole class introduction to a topic. Many thanks for this great resource and at such a great price! – Heidi Snaith

  • “Your presentations really do provide an excellent framework for teaching, and my classes really enjoy the exercises.” – Ian Taylor

  • “It's the best software I have used that allows pupils to be able to work on their own!” – Mark Woodhead

  • “Your presentations provide a good introduction for new ideas and a good recap of ideas for the 6th Form students.” – Barry Meadows

  • “As always the quality and content are pitched perfectly for what we need so thanks again.” – Dave Parker

  • “The students really engage with the software – I have used it to great effect with a class today and they love it.” – Alan Green

  • “Again impressed by the quality of content and style.” – Debbie Johnson