Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Data Management/Tracking with ICT Workout?
There is no data tracking available at the moment. Unfortunately we unable to be more specific about the release date at this time, but it is currently in development. This service will be optional and there will be an additional annual charge not greater than the ordinary subscription.
Why do I just see a blank screen when I open a topic?
There are 2 possible reasons for this:

1. You haven't got the latest version of Adobe Flash player on your system. You can download it from
2. From October 2017, Google Chrome has stopped access to Adobe Flash based content by default. In order to access the content on ICT Workout please follow our guide here.
Do students get their own login details?
There is only one global login for the whole school to each site. Students and teachers use the same username and password to login. When data tracking is available (see above), teachers will be able to assign an individual login to each student if they wish.
Is there a single-click login, so the students don’t have to remember the username and password?
Yes there is...

Replace xxxxxx with your username and replace yyyyyy with your password.
All usernames and passwords are lowercase with no spaces.
Is it possible to download the content?
Sorry, it is not possible to download the content.
Do you offer trials versions?
There is no trial version of the product. We have 4 full sample topics online that you are welcome to use with your students to see if the material is appropriate for your needs. You can try the samples here. We also list the entire content of ICT Workout here.
I am having problems accessing the content, what should I do?
The following list will help your network manager to solve the problem: (The solutions are written in order of likelihood.)

1. Download the latest Adobe Flash player from
2. Check that ActiveX Filtering is not selected in Internet Explorer, then refresh the page.
3. Make sure Javascript is enabled within your browser.
4. A firewall or network setting may be blocking active content.
5. The site is accessed by login and password on the home page, or by the single-click login link provided. If you are
    attempting to link directly to one of the resources on the site using URLs, this will not work and could be the cause
    of your problem.
What are the computer requirements to access ICT Workout?
You will need a computer connected to the internet and a web browser capable of running the latest version of Adobe Flash player. You can download the latest version from If you are still unsure if you will be able to access the content, try the free samples here.
Why I am experiencing a delay when running the ICT presentations?
For the presentations, content is downloaded as the presentation is displayed, slide by slide. The non-audio presentations will load a lot quicker than the audio ones, since the audio files are relatively large. However they have been optimised for quality and size. We have put a lot of effort into making sure the presentations are small file sizes, without losing the quality of the images or the sounds.

If you are teaching with a presentation, one way to avoid any delay would be to run through the presentation in preparation. Once the presentation has run through to the last slide, all content is stored locally so the presentation will run without delay from then onwards. This can be kept in a minimised browser window until you need to use it.
Does ICT Workout work on iPads and Android tablets?
ICT Workout is available on iPad and Android tablets via the free Puffin Academy app. (More information can found at the Puffin Academy site or follow our guide here). However, please be aware that we do not offer support for any technical issues that may arise while using it.

Download Puffin Academy for Apple    |    Download Puffin Academy for Android
Can I advertise the school username and password on the school website?
No, as this would be a breach of the licence agreement, which states that you must not display the username and password on any publicly available media. So you could display it on your VLE, as only students and teachers of the school can access the VLE. You could send it out on an email newsletter as this only goes to parents and students of the school, but you would not display it on promotional material available at an open day. The basic idea is that you do not allow others to use your login to access the materials.